About UBsports

UBsports is leading the Web in connecting athletes and participants in sports with their sports lives - as we say, "UBsports lets you Get Your Sports life Online”. With the world’s best video system, totally current social and group tools, and the best equipment for your sports online, we are producing the Ultimate Resource for Athletes: “Ultimate means both the best, and the last: The last site you will ever need for your sports. UB (“you be”) is a twist on "U R" (Text-ese for You Are), because you ARE your sports. Without us athletes, sports would just be nice concepts. We participants are the most important components of our sports, and sports are important parts of our lives. So … UBsports. UB = U Belong. If you play a sport, you belong to the community of people who play that sport. No matter what sport you play, just by playing it, you are a member of a community that spans the nation, and usually the world. There is probably a much smaller community of other athletes playing the same sport in your town, city or region. And there’s probably a club, team or league right in your neighborhood, or one close by, that wants you as a member. There you will find people to teach and mentor you, to train with and compete against. Usually, groups also will want you to compete with them in competition with other groups. U Belong. UB is our culture: UB lets each of us enter an ecosystem that surrounds us with all the content, connections, insights and equipment we need to reach our athletic goals, and to most fully enjoy our sports lives…for all our sports. U B sports. Your Sports Life is Online, at UBsports, just waiting for you. Thanks for joining us.