About UBsports

Ready to take your sports life online? UBsports is here to make it happen! 

UBsports is the ultimate resource for Athletes, wellness participants and fans alike! Whether you’re a pro athlete, an amateur sports enthusiast, an eSports player, or you are working on your health and fitness, UBsports’ state-of-the-art video technology, comprehensive library of sports resources and the world’s best social media tools will keep you up to date on all the latest news, provide the best ways to work out and stay fit, and show you the skills and drills you need to win, no matter what sport you play..and then, if you think you’re in that 5% of the best athletes, and you want to get recruited, UBsports lets you build your own “BragPageTM”, highlighting your best stats and videos, with the ability to “UBVerify” those stats. 

Our easy-to-use, web- and mobile-delivered platform helps you connect with friends and teammates, automatically post within UBsports and out to your other social media, and watch pros and Olympians give webinars about their lives, training, coaches and competitions.  

Each of our individual sport “SportPortalsTM” enlists a pro or Olympic athlete to guide you throughout your journey in sport, to give you the best resources, sharing the best ways to train, and finding the best skills and drills videos, or publishing them themselves.  It's like having the world's best coach by your side with personalized advice, tailored to your individual needs!  

Most importantly, UBsports’ revolutionaty video system, found on every device and TV,  lets you watch competition and coaching in all sports, watch training, conditioning and wellness classes, and see personal interest videos in every sport and wellness venue, curated, organized and produced by our own Olympic and pro athletes.  Remote coaching by some of the world’s best coaches and coaching videos are also available throuhg our amazing video system. 

By the way, “ULTIMATE” means both “the absolute best”, and “the last”.  And because UBsports is the absolute best place to go for your sports and wellness throughout life, it will also be the LAST place you’ll ever have to go for your sports and wellness!

So, forget Google!  From now on, you’ll be coming to UBsports as the ULTIMATE authority for your sports and wellness.  Because UBELONG on UBsports!